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The Dust of Ages

by Ares Kingdom

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I am the offspring of resignation adopted by the fires of discontent Optimism becomes an opiate Survival and glory to the brave Struggle stirs the human spirit kept keen on the grindstone of tiol Pain and fear light the fire But how high to stoke the flame? Burn Can the sheep be awakened? I see signs of life flicker and die Countless as the stars are our choices The road has forged before us - now choose not this time,a new way must be forged Forged to or from hell - we choose Salvation just within reach But how high must we stoke the flames? Burn,Burn,Burn The sanctimonius rabble cries louder Opposotion for its own sake All caught within this maze How many wolves are there among us? If dissipline os born through struggle... Where is it now ? Unconcious and buried by apathy A cleansing firestorm gathers and grows... The Cloudness nightsky glows at the horizon But the zenith remains black as pitch silent flashes like summer lightning Dawn approaches - the morning Horned moon rises This morning will be like no other Firestorm awaits beneath the skuline Awaits to consume our timid world Because it's time to burn again Thunder sounds a warning But no one stirs to rise Silence descends like a funerral shroud A final chance passes The firestorm consumes the dead Burn, Burn, Burn White phosphorous flames reaching higher Heaven chokes on the smoke Mesmerised by the light of their own death Burning out forever The dust - borne by the wind... Slash and burn and slash and burn and turn to fire...
Ashen Glory 06:04
Across the deserts in flight to the Temple of the Sun Ashen Glory – winged monarch, alights upon the pyre His wings outstretched to embrace destiny Ablaze with light, five-century cycle Renewed Ashen Glory set to blaze, bring the Heavens to Earth Descend to rise, symbolize immortality Proudly the Phoenix reigns in immortal fire Assuage the anguish and fear of… Oblivion At third light appears the reborn majesty In gold, in purple, in victory over death Descend to rise – resplendent wings ablaze Illuminate – trace the contours of time Ashen Glory set to blaze, wings enfold, eternity… Ashen Glory Ashen Glory Ashen Glory – descend to rise – death and glory Fire, Fire, Fire, Fire, Fire
Celestial 08:10
Across the furrowed fields, atop the distant black ridge Wrapped in profound darkness Hanging about like a harbinger, a trailing smudge of light Stars with trails of fire and dews of blood - disasters in the sun! Dark of night rides the Blackthorn winds Carries a pallid blue light across the northern sky Wrapped in profound darkness And the light of its passage is night and the face of the world In silent passage across the black vault, its tail a sail for the solar wind Across the ether to the lord of worlds, wrapped in profound darkness
Do not thank us Pray your thanks to the unburiable dead Those known but to God Inter heroes remains with reverence As death gives life its meaning And where the world does not follow Such sacrifice that makes all others seem very little But pray your thanks to the unburiable dead
That which cannot be saved Send into the arms of God Unflinching modern primitives invoke Mark (the) enemies of the faith Liquidate, sacrifice the evil ones In whom faith has died And all those who deny Exhausted yet tireless, they lay in wait Serpents twisted around the sacred tree (Reciting poisoned words) Preface to a final solution Lead them all astray Lead them all to agony The specter of God becomes Death And when faith has died New gods will arise To ascend a pestilent throne And embrace chaos and death Incendiary – Speak the words of enslavement Litany – Speak of sin and perfect absolution Recite the parables of suffering Chant – Intoxicate the foolish martyrs Iniquity – The specter of God becomes death


Compilation EP + Live at Metal Threat Festival 2016


released October 1, 2018

Alex Blume - Vocals/Bass
Mike Miller - Drums
Chuck Keller - Guitars

Live recordings by Cheyenne Brandt
Graphic design by Seth Bennett


all rights reserved



Ares Kingdom Kansas City, Missouri

Founded in 1996 by Chuck Keller and Mike Miller, Alex Blume and Doug Overbay were recruited in 2000, rounding out a line-up that would remain in place until Overbay stepped away in 2015. The band released four online-only 'best of' EPs during 2018 and 2019, and unleashed 'By the Light of Their Destruction' in May 2019. The feral and unrelenting 'In Darkness at Last' followed in September 2022. ... more

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