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The Unburiable Dead

by Ares Kingdom

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Ubique 07:52
Awaiting its hour… Mobilisation means war And He followed at midnight Announced with incredible atrocity Souls driven forward into the arms of death Patriotism left at the railhead Fervor even further back Lions all, led by donkeys All fed with steel - contorted Seed slain one by one Declarations mask a hideous face Wave upon wave Upon wave upon wave Wave upon wave Upon wave upon wave Pronounced with incredible atrocity Declarations shake the foundations Give throat to the spirit of preservation through destruction Have faith in your creator, War Death comes to us all, after all But who authors such a document? When is stayed the hand of God? (Left to) contemplate endless supplication Wave upon wave Upon wave upon wave Wave upon wave Upon wave upon wave We are left to write the dedication - Do it in blood It is ‘him,’ ‘they,’ ‘we,’ ‘them’ - Dedicate it in blood
A night so dark, stars cast my shadow upon the ground The lights of civilization have been extinguished Flares now compete with our memory of the sun Searchlights dance as fire illuminates Emblazoned with courage amid abject fear Silhouetted across the sky Who can sit by? Mailed fist now outstretched Grasps at dominion Chosen, inviolable, predatory The difference lies soaked in blood Perish the carrion A familiar dream of perpetual peace History written in sand A windswept shore full of revisions Due the tide And if I have slaughtered an angel May the earth rest lightly upon my valiant enemy Or cast him to Hell from whence he came My nom de guerre – I care not
A creeping barrage wakes the sun Dawn breaks red, reflecting the blood Upon the ground God’s hand seems a clinched fist Bursting downwards Gericht – Indiscriminate Pock-marked, bruised earth Daybreak welcomed with blasphemies But we hold Salient and Redoubt Speak with the mouthless dead en clar A code of blood, of sweat, of piss, of puke We’re here because we’re here Hell no longer of fire and flame Hell is mud
Demoralize 05:41
Let us surround them Speak the language of fire – Scrawl blasphemy upon your shells And rip from them salvation Churn the corpses in the earth Rain their departed back into their arms Cover them in their brotherhood to embrace Demoralize Mark each sunrise with terror And horror-illuminated sunsets with blood Their valiant entrails as ribbons Shredded to decorate enemy uniforms Awarded to every survivor Leave nothing to chance The clinched fist of God bursting downward Churn the corpses in the earth Rain their departed back into their arms Cover them with their brotherhood to embrace Demoralize Let it give no pleasure but relief For our fear is just as great And our uniforms decorated as theirs Shredded crimson ribbons of brotherhood
Do not thank us Pray your thanks to the unburiable dead Those known but to God Inter heroes’ remains with reverence As death gives life its meaning And where the world does not follow Such sacrifice that makes all others seem very little But pray your thanks to the unburiable dead
Cease fire! Cease fire! Cease fire! The Devil is sick of sin Silence returns to tolerate vanities The ram of pride lives on Sick men’s hands direct a sham passion play Ancient bulwarks collapsed into trenches Recomposed in convulsions Shed blood to rust the cuirass Seething masses and courage rising visible As heat above a flame - Distorting all around Days of hell let loose Plaintive voice spoke delusion to the deaf Beyond good and evil Beyond hope and full of fear Will to powerlessness Push the salt further into the wound While giving thanks to almighty God For ending the violent miracle Memories of guttering flares arc above Another day dims in reverence for the departed Tides bore and delivered - Stultifera Navis Adrift…


Recorded, produced, mixed and mastered at Very Metal Sound, June 2014 - June 2015.


released September 18, 2015

Produced by Ares Kingdom
Engineered by Alex Blume
Music and lyrics written and arranged by Chuck Keller
Additional arrangements by Ares Kingdom
Additional voices in 'Salient and Redoubt': French - Tori Jonson, Italian - Virio Stipa, German - Doug Overbay


all rights reserved



Ares Kingdom Kansas City, Missouri

Founded in 1996 by Chuck Keller and Mike Miller, Alex Blume and Doug Overbay were recruited in 2000, rounding out a line-up that would remain in place until Overbay stepped away in 2015. The band released four online-only 'best of' EPs during 2018 and 2019, and unleashed 'By the Light of Their Destruction' in May 2019. The feral and unrelenting 'In Darkness at Last' followed in September 2022. ... more

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