Harbinger IV

by Ares Kingdom

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released April 1, 2019

Alex Blume - Vocals/Bass
Mike Miller - Drums
Chuck Keller - Guitars

Live recording by Cheyenne Brandt
Graphic design by Seth Bennett


all rights reserved



Ares Kingdom Kansas City, Missouri

Founded in 1996 by Chuck Keller and Mike Miller. Doug Overbay and Alex Blume joined in 2000, rounding out a line-up that would remain in place until Overbay stepped away in 2015. The band is currently recording their fourth full length album, 'By the Light of Their Destruction' at their own Very Metal Sound. Expected release date in late Spring 2019. ... more

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Track Name: The Undying Fire
Children of confusion awake!
Grasp the reigns of power
And as we master this world
Our cleansing fires consume the placid

The Hydra of modern piety beckons -
Provoking our deepest convictions
Our coils of strength & virtue
Arise like a diamond-backed serpent

Many heads of deviance clamor
Denying this new morning twilight,
They spit poison & contempt upon us
But we wear their scorn with pride

From the mountains to the hinterlands
Burns this Undying Fire...
Recreants could not extinguish it,
The everlasting standard restored

Restoration:the Icon & Sword
An enduring standard is raised...
Restoration of the Undying Fire
Track Name: A Dream of Armageddon
As I awaken to this dream
I saw fire rain from the skies
Blasting from the portals of hell
Black clouds descending darkly

The northern hills and valleys
Scorched by armageddon's hand
Blackened hills and valleys
Firestorm consumes all the dead
all the dead...

Black clouds drive across the face of the sun
a Blood-red spirit rising eastward
Chokes on glowing red embers
Freed by the winds of ignorance

War expands like a pool of blood
to cover the earth with crimson
The Gauntlet is smashed into the dirt
And the standard bearer is slaughtered first
Spreading like a fever in the night
Primal hatred infects once righteous souls
a holy war of attrition embraces death
and fear is left to brood in the shadows

The credo is drowned out by rocket's red glare
Belched from silos frothing smoke
Oh beautiful for spacious skies
That rained down waves of dread
Blackened landscape majesty
Across slash and burned plains
Black wings' firestorm holocaust

Engulfs all the dead....
Track Name: Descent of Man
Confront the chaos boiling in your mind
Question the doubt that confuses your will
Bitten by the serpent, caressed by original sin
Feasting on the fruit of the tree
Bright eyes now grow brighter
Shine out and illuminate the darkness…

A starless void seethes and froths confusion
The ebb and flow mark time
A challenge of reason confronts the flock
Dreaming of convention and binding absolutes
Dogma turns on an axis of belief
Collared by fear and its dowry of damnation

Revisit sacred texts, now forced to explain beyond imperium
Pronounce the living dead – yet still fear the remains
Piety digs a necropolis for the future
Encircled by iron wills, galvanized by serene faith
Shuttered consciences in denial at all costs
Declare encroaching darkness in spite of the light

Yet from a bully pulpit spews an intoxicating thought
Dreams of convention and binding absolutes
Faith in an idea to provincialize all creation
Borne of paralyzing process and ironclad mistrust
Playing the music of creation through a skipping media
Imperfection enshrined as a great destroyer

The liberating power of original sin
And the endowment of free will
Each twisted by the other into the Mark of Cain
Questions to confuse the doubt of your will
And avoid the chaos boiling in your mind
The likeness of being – shaken awake
Achieve what God has not?
The descent of man…
Track Name: Stultifera Navis (Armistice and League)
Cease fire! Cease fire! Cease fire!
The Devil is sick of sin
Silence returns to tolerate vanities
The ram of pride lives on

Sick men’s hands direct a sham passion play
Ancient bulwarks collapsed into trenches
Recomposed in convulsions
Shed blood to rust the cuirass

Seething masses and courage rising visible
As heat above a flame -
Distorting all around
Days of hell let loose
Plaintive voice spoke delusion to the deaf
Beyond good and evil
Beyond hope and full of fear

Will to powerlessness
Push the salt further into the wound
While giving thanks to almighty God
For ending the violent miracle
Memories of guttering flares arc above
Another day dims in reverence for the departed
Tides bore and delivered -
Stultifera Navis
Track Name: Die by Power (Slaughter Lord)
Megatons of mayhem
Bring cities to the ground
Deliverance of torture
Exterminate your minds

Brain eating metal parasites
Attack the false with greed
Vultures feed on carcasses
Infected with disease

Sonic blasts of mayhem
Destruction's ever near
The violent sounds of thrashing
Mayhem even Satan fears

Metal holocaust of devastation shall devour
Our cabinets hold armageddon

Die by power
Die by power
Fucken die by power
Die by fucken power

Now the battle is over
And victory is ours
Disbelievers' bodies lie slaughtered from the sound

Tidal waves of power
Smashing all in sight
We salute all true believers
Death metal rules tonight

Die by power
Die by power
Die by power
Fucken die by power

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