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Chaosmongers Alive: Hymns to Ares, Live at KFJC

by Ares Kingdom

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Failsafe 05:18
Burning skies - raining fire Dowm on the helpless below Hell has come - storming legions Iron eagles - angels of death Searing wings - roar as thunder Burning the life right out of the night Heavens above - slaughtered outright Reducinf bodies to ashes and dust No more tomorrows - sunrise on a dead world Burning the shadows right into the walls Paying the price in self sacrifice Final breath - ends in fire Fallout snows its seeds of death Darkened skies - deadly quiet Nuclear winter settles its frost Pitiful end - human folly Centuries of work now scattered to dust Victor defeated - final chapter Closing the book and set it alight Failsafe - cannot be recalled Flee to nowhere - death consumes all Return to the earth from which you crawled Return to darkness - return to dust
Confront the chaos boiling in your mind Question the doubt that confuses your will Bitten by the serpent, caressed by original sin Feasting on the fruit of the tree Bright eyes now grow brighter Shine out and illuminate the darkness… A starless void seethes and froths confusion The ebb and flow mark time A challenge of reason confronts the flock Dreaming of convention and binding absolutes Dogma turns on an axis of belief Collared by fear and its dowry of damnation Revisit sacred texts, now forced to explain beyond imperium Pronounce the living dead – yet still fear the remains Piety digs a necropolis for the future Encircled by iron wills, galvanized by serene faith Shuttered consciences in denial at all costs Declare encroaching darkness in spite of the light Yet from a bully pulpit spews an intoxicating thought Dreams of convention and binding absolutes Faith in an idea to provincialize all creation Borne of paralyzing process and ironclad mistrust Playing the music of creation through a skipping media Imperfection enshrined as a great destroyer The liberating power of original sin And the endowment of free will Each twisted by the other into the Mark of Cain Questions to confuse the doubt of your will And avoid the chaos boiling in your mind The likeness of being – shaken awake Achieve what God has not? The descent of man…
Ashen Glory 05:27
Across the deserts in flight to the Temple of the Sun Ashen Glory – winged monarch, alights upon the pyre His wings outstretched to embrace destiny Ablaze with light, five-century cycle Renewed Ashen Glory set to blaze, bring the Heavens to Earth Descend to rise, symbolize immortality Proudly the Phoenix reigns in immortal fire Assuage the anguish and fear of… Oblivion At third light appears the reborn majesty In gold, in purple, in victory over death Descend to rise – resplendent wings ablaze Illuminate – trace the contours of time Ashen Glory set to blaze, wings enfold, eternity… Ashen Glory Ashen Glory Ashen Glory – descend to rise – death and glory Fire, Fire, Fire, Fire, Fire
Demoralize 05:36
Let us surround them Speak the language of fire – Scrawl blasphemy upon your shells And rip from them salvation Churn the corpses in the earth Rain their departed back into their arms Cover them in their brotherhood to embrace Demoralize Mark each sunrise with terror And horror-illuminated sunsets with blood Their valiant entrails as ribbons Shredded to decorate enemy uniforms Awarded to every survivor Leave nothing to chance The clenched fist of God bursting downward Churn the corpses in the earth Rain their departed back into their arms Cover them with their brotherhood to embrace Demoralize Let it give no pleasure but relief For our fear is just as great And our uniforms decorated as theirs Shredded crimson ribbons of brotherhood
Do not thank us Pray your thanks to the unburiable dead Those known but to God Inter heroes’ remains with reverence As death gives life its meaning And where the world does not follow Such sacrifice that makes all others seem very little But pray your thanks to the unburiable dead
Die By Power 03:40
Megatons of mayhem Bring cities to the ground Deliverance of torture Exterminate your minds Brain eating metal parasites Attack the false with greed Vultures feed on carcasses Infected with disease Sonic blasts of mayhem Destruction's ever near The violent sounds of thrashing Mayhem even Satan fears Metal holocaust of devastation shall devour Our cabinets hold armageddon Die by power Die by power Fucken die by power Die by fucken power Now the battle is over And victory is ours Disbelievers' bodies lie slaughtered from the sound Tidal waves of power Smashing all in sight We salute all true believers Death metal rules tonight Die by power Die by power Die by power Fucken die by power
Ironclad 06:16
We've survived a firestorm of derision And now their weaknes is revealed The hydra called modernity has failed And wether or not the flock understands... The blood of our fathers must be justified Justified at all costs This faul, faul world ridden with apathy has lost its place in all things I am as the serpent's crest Ouroborous and Regal at once The world at the center of my coil My tail consumed, leaves me hungry for more Finding courage in the spheres Horizons dark as ever before Once you come this way You'll never wish to return The path is of fire and lit by pain Stark truths are their own reward Dreams and illusions shatter like glass Sans sympathy for its own sake I am as the serpent's crest Ouroborous and Regal at once The world at the center of my coil Sans sympathy for its own sake From nothingness to nothingness Black clouds parting for the dawn From far beyond the voices still sound Made wretched by the distance we've come I've lived to fight another day The day of infaamy - declaration of war


On September 19, 2015, Ares Kingdom answered the call and joined Abigail, Gnosis, Haethen, Ohm and Negative Vortex at the Oakland Metro Opera House in Oakland, California to benefit NWN's Onward//Ascendant propaganda campaign.

The following evening, Ares Kingdom played a special live-in-the-studio set at KFJC Studios, 89.7 FM in Los Altos, CA.


released September 20, 2020

Engineered by Ryan Peterson, kfjc.org


all rights reserved



Ares Kingdom Kansas City, Missouri

Founded in 1996 by Chuck Keller and Mike Miller, Alex Blume and Doug Overbay were recruited in 2000, rounding out a line-up that would remain in place until Overbay stepped away in 2015. The band released four online-only 'best of' EPs during 2018 and 2019, and unleashed 'By the Light of Their Destruction' in May 2019. The feral and unrelenting 'In Darkness at Last' followed in September 2022. ... more

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