By the Light of Their Destruction

by Ares Kingdom

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Eli thumbnail
Eli Does anyone else really miss Order From Chaos? Well, this should have you covered because Ares Kingdom is pretty much the same band. Favorite track: Talis Chimera Est.
ron ben-tovim
ron ben-tovim thumbnail
ron ben-tovim Thrashing death that'll knock your head off Favorite track: The Bones of All Men.
Putragunawan Hosni
Putragunawan Hosni thumbnail
Putragunawan Hosni I can't wait to hear the new album so decided to get the digital version first. What do I think? It's a great new album. The band never disappoint. The new album is raging as always and there're parts remind me of Vulpecula. Those spacey parts. This is my fourth time listening to this album today while I'm typing this.
Sean Hampton
Sean Hampton thumbnail
Sean Hampton This fuckin slays . These guys whole discography is strong and this is no exception . A fat slab of pissed of full blown dirty thrashing madness .
Impeccable songwriting skills as well . Another masterful effort
ceragan42 thumbnail
ceragan42 Outstanding, as usual. Raw, rough, raging, and tight
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Conceived between immensity and eternity, echoing from the edge of forever and stirring the dust of ages comes 'By the Light of Their Destruction,' the fourth original full-length album by Ares Kingdom.


released May 21, 2019

Alex Blume - Vocals, Bass
Mike Miller - Drums
Chuck Keller - Guitars

Music and lyrics by Chuck Keller
Talis Chimera Est music by Keller/Miller
Additional arrangements by Ares Kingdom
Recorded, produced, mixed and mastered at Very Metal Sound, July 2018 - February 2019


all rights reserved



Ares Kingdom Kansas City, Missouri

Founded in 1996 by Chuck Keller and Mike Miller. Doug Overbay and Alex Blume joined in 2000, rounding out a line-up that would remain in place until Overbay stepped away in 2015. The band is currently recording their fourth full length album, 'By the Light of Their Destruction' at their own Very Metal Sound. Expected release date in late Spring 2019. ... more

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Track Name: The Hydra Void
The starry beast climbs the sky
Serpent swims in night’s black sea
Shining dimly across its length
Alphard, the heart, the Solitary One

The Hydra Void

Poisoned breath, poisoned blood, smell of death
Guarding Hell, killed by sword, killed by fire
The snake, the bird, the krater
Glittering with the stars of the line

The Hydra Void

Lernean serpent – son of Typhon
Species - serpentium
Serpens aquaticus, sidera juncta micant

Across the sky the beast uncoils
Chaotic stars like fiery scales
Gleaming heart pulses pale orange
Glittering with the stars of the line

The Hydra Void
Track Name: Burn, Antares (Scorpius Diadem)
Burn, Antares – scorpion heart – Kalb al-Akrab
Rise! Scintillating bloodlight heart – tendit ad rapinam
Flashing orange, flashing red – Per sepulchral regionum
Orion’s slayer, presiding over arms – Insidiata – The Lurking One

A fire that burns in the head and heart, fearful arc across the southern sky
A creature that treads the skyline and winter home for the Lord of Worlds
Exalted to the sky by the gods, and terror to the hunter
A dark summer nocturne – equal to its god

Sidus Martis

Creating an ardor for war, Shaula and Lesath – Quantus tremor
The old crowned serpent and basilisk capricious – Solvet saeclum in favilla
The terror of Phaethon – rutilans – Per sepulchral regionum
Melt cold shadows – carry warfare forward…burning orange, burning red

The flaming rays of the scorpion’s heart – the only rival of Mars
Celebrated in the palace of Sennacherib, red as the blood of his destruction
A Lance Star which forever chases west at the feet of Ophiuchus
Fleeing the rising sun to opposition - and chase it again as it sets

Sidus Martis

Now all the horrors of the heavens he spies
And monstrous shadows of prodigious size
That, deck’d with stars, lie scattered o’er the skies
In tail and arms surrounds a vast night

Sidus Martis
Track Name: Dark Waters Eridanus
A river of light that cuts the night and flows beneath the horizon
Ligurian Bodencus, the Padus of ancients, into the Euxine Sea
Dark waters Eridanus surge to stella lucida – al-Ahir, al-Nahr
Like the stars of heaven he shall shine - like the River of Night he shall flow


Where the Shining One, bold Phaeton fell, fearing the mighty scorpion sting
Nilus, Nerus, Amnis, Rex fluviorum, the River of Orion
His long fall blazed across the darkened heavens – burning, burning, burning
Like the fall of Lucifer, Phosphorous, Morning Star, bringer of light

A starry stream for this remnant Eridanus
That stream of tears beneath the gods’ feet is borne…
A starry stream for this remnant Eridanus
That stream of tears beneath the gods’ feet
Beneath the gods’ feet
Is borne…
Track Name: Eighteen Degrees Beneath
Dying light fades as the stars tremble into sight
One by one, emerging points assert their place in the black
Twilight dies as the strength of darkness grows
Twilight’s veil decayed black at eighteen degrees beneath

Night descends in swathings of black – enfolding all things
Swallows in shadow like before the beginning and after the end
Written in light that a single bare hand may eclipse
Yet suspended in those depths is the feeble light of creation

Revealed corona around eternity, the black infinite, in silent violence
Glowing luminous red across unfathomed depths
When gone is the one, two-thousand will come, between dusk and dawn
Arcing above, twisting around the pole, guarded by the Alpha Draconis

The path to the stars
Winds through the past
Astride ancient cultures
And empires now dead
Night sky ascending
The dead alive again
Their gods and terrors
Frozen helpless in the black

Darkness sweeps across the land
Absorbing guttering shadows
Melting into one
A grey world turns black
The gods and terrors above
Stare down eternally
Intent gaze flashing starlight
Drowning man where he stands…
Track Name: Allegory
Cave miser – Ne meo te confium – Telo – In hoc tetrico collocem feretri lecto...
Track Name: The Bones of All Men
Whitened bones in gleaming sepulcher shift in shadow
Afterlife animate cut to wood and wander the earth
Recomposed with parable sinews, resumed life frozen on paper
Clinched in diabolic resolve to strike fear in the living

Bones of all men, Totentanz to trumpet and drum
Ossuary, necropolis, stalagmites, eternal darkness
Bones of all men outlast the memory of their flesh
The bones of all men!

Death – Imperator – astride his decaying horse
Richly adorned with herald banners flowing in the stench-filled wind
Man, woman and child - equal in his abysmal black eyes
Putrid blast from his horn proclaims another’s end
Above the tepid moonlight filters the stars dim
Across this city of the dead – celebration – as numbers swell
Winged hourglass cut above every door and passage
Winged skull lifting mortality beyond its own death

Bones of all men, Totentanz to trumpet and drum
Ossuary, necropolis, stalagmites, eternal darkness
Bones of all men outlast the memory of their flesh
The bones of all men!

Oh human, consider from where you come and what you are now and what you will become in time...
Track Name: Iconologia
Transcendent - resplendent, emblems of death and glory
A vision spanning the ages, inspiring awe and fear
Illuminate - celebrate symbolic fires of antiquity
Allegories of faith, virtuous beauty, deformed vice
Iconologia - oracle of the deathless
Once hewn in granite with sightless eyes
Cast into the heavens and frozen among the stars
Now suspended in ashes, dried upon the page

Allegories of faith, virtuous beauty
Sacred oracles with enigmas

Steady gaze down the corridors of time
Constant light of wisdom unceasing
Unchanged by time, their truths confirmed
And in the flesh, the cycle of sin and salvation
So, in man, the measure of all things
From enigma is drawn the mind's diversion
A union of the essential with the tribal
The way of the world and the folly of man
Track Name: Talis Chimera Est
A thing of immortal make – a beast that ought to be
A trinity of terror – eternal fires of the Lycian Way
The omen that beats the forge of Vulcan – inflammable
Breath of methane drifts though the temple of Hephaestus

The rising of Cilicia has – Nam habet ab ortu Ciliciam
From sunset and noontime sea – Ab occasu et meride mare
On the north side of Caria – septentrione Cariam
Qui noctibus aestibus ignem exhalat

Twin horns twist and turn across the length
The head roars a fetid breath, rending the night air
Serpent tail rise in gleaming spectral gaze
Surveys the stars and prepares to strike

Talis Chimera Est, a thing of immortal make
The fire that breathes out the heat of the night
Talis Chimera Est, a beast that ought to be
A trinity of terror, by the light of their destruction

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