Red in Claw

by Ares Kingdom

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released December 1, 2018

Alex Blume - Vocals/Bass
Mike Miller - Drums
Chuck Keller - Guitars

Live recordings by Cheyenne Brandt
Graphic design by Seth Bennett


all rights reserved



Ares Kingdom Kansas City, Missouri

Founded in 1996 by Chuck Keller and Mike Miller. Doug Overbay and Alex Blume joined in 2000, rounding out a line-up that would remain in place until Overbay stepped away in 2015. The band is currently recording their fourth full length album, 'By the Light of Their Destruction' at their own Very Metal Sound. Expected release date in late Spring 2019. ... more

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Track Name: Ironclad
We've survived a firestorm of derision
And now their weaknes is revealed
The hydra called modernity has failed
And wether or not the flock understands...
The blood of our fathers must be justified
Justified at all costs
This faul, faul world ridden with apathy
has lost its place in all things

I am as the serpent's crest
Ouroborous and Regal at once
The world at the center of my coil
My tail consumed, leaves me hungry for more

Finding courage in the spheres
Horizons dark as ever before
Once you come this way
You'll never wish to return
The path is of fire and lit by pain
Stark truths are their own reward
Dreams and illusions shatter like glass
Sans sympathy for its own sake

I am as the serpent's crest
Ouroborous and Regal at once
The world at the center of my coil
Sans sympathy for its own sake

From nothingness to nothingness
Black clouds parting for the dawn
From far beyond the voices still sound
Made wretched by the distance we've come
I've lived to fight another day
The day of infamy - declaration of war
Track Name: Gathering the Eagles
Fear in the eyes of the white dove
Wings clipped by the will to power
Cowers in its nest – it watches (furtively)
Too scared to take flight
Forced to face futurity

Fury like fire on a desolate altar
Extinguish hope – extinguish life
Hope stillborn – astride a dark horse
Face to face with oblivion

Gathering (the eagles)
Those beyond fear

This bloodied dove confronts a world in denial
Hope and appeasement invite death
Words of comfort tranquilize
As blood-red contrails streak the skies

The dove cries a last accord to the darkness
Eyes of hellfire sear the answer and intent
Freedom’s ring fades as thunder rolls above
Hellish winds scatter embers and ash

The gasping dove now prays the eagles come
A holy alliance and its holy work
Fury like fire on a desolate altar
Hope and appeasement have brought death
Call down the thunder on jet-black wings
From the sun they descend battle dressed
Merciless beauty dripping red in claw
Ecstasy to see…see the conquered fall
Track Name: Ubique
Awaiting its hour…
Mobilisation means war
And He followed at midnight
Announced with incredible atrocity
Souls driven forward into the arms of death
Patriotism left at the railhead
Fervor even further back
Lions all, led by donkeys
All fed with steel - contorted
Seed slain one by one
Declarations mask a hideous face

Wave upon wave
Upon wave upon wave
Wave upon wave
Upon wave upon wave

Pronounced with incredible atrocity
Declarations shake the foundations
Give throat to the spirit of preservation through destruction
Have faith in your creator, War
Death comes to us all, after all

But who authors such a document?
When is stayed the hand of God?
(Left to) contemplate endless supplication

Wave upon wave
Upon wave upon wave
Wave upon wave
Upon wave upon wave

We are left to write the dedication - Do it in blood
It is ‘him,’ ‘they,’ ‘we,’ ‘them’ - Dedicate it in blood
Track Name: Salient and Redoubt/Demoralize (Live: Chicago 2016)
Salient and Redoubt:
A creeping barrage wakes the sun
Dawn breaks red, reflecting the blood
Upon the ground
God’s hand seems a clinched fist
Bursting downwards
Gericht – Indiscriminate
Pock-marked, bruised earth
Daybreak welcomed with blasphemies
But we hold

Salient and Redoubt
Speak with the mouthless dead en clar
A code of blood, of sweat, of piss, of puke
We’re here because we’re here
Hell no longer of fire and flame
Hell is mud

Let us surround them
Speak the language of fire –
Scrawl blasphemy upon your shells
And rip from them salvation

Churn the corpses in the earth
Rain their departed back into their arms
Cover them in their brotherhood to embrace

Mark each sunrise with terror
And horror-illuminated sunsets with blood
Their valiant entrails as ribbons
Shredded to decorate enemy uniforms
Awarded to every survivor

Leave nothing to chance
The clinched fist of God bursting downward

Churn the corpses in the earth
Rain their departed back into their arms
Cover them with their brotherhood to embrace

Let it give no pleasure but relief
For our fear is just as great
And our uniforms decorated as theirs
Shredded crimson ribbons of brotherhood

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